Policy Priorities

DC needs to become a city that is both wealthy and just. Here’s my vision for getting us there.

Seven Point Plan to Prevent Violence

We need a new approach to addressing public safety, not just the status quo that clearly is not working. If we make real investments in crime prevention and address the circumstances that lead to violence, we will create a city that is not only safer, but more just.

Delivering Housing We Can Afford

I grew up in DC, but my extended family has been priced out over the last 25 years — like so many DC families. Through innovative solutions to our housing crisis, we will reverse the tide of displacement and ensure all people who want to make DC a home can.

Creating Schools That Work for All Students

We cannot accept the current state of education where families who can afford to are leaving DCPS in droves and our most vulnerable students are being left behind. When we ensure all our schools have the resources they need, we will see incredible results, not just in the classroom, but throughout our city.

Creating a Local Government We Can Trust

We need to restore trust and confidence in our government, which works one way for the rich and well-connected and another way for the rest of us. When we create an accountable, transparent, and people-driven government culture, we will give people a reason to believe in their government again.

Building a Strong Workforce

All of our residents must be able to share in our city’s growing prosperity, yet the District has continued to fall short in helping our residents, particularly residents of color, get a foothold in our economy. With real investments in improving our job training, all DC residents will be able to enjoy our city’s economic progress.

Providing Safe & Accessible Transportation

We need a visionary plan for transportation in our city, not just reactive, piecemeal changes after a preventable loss of life. When we make dedicated investments in accessibility, sustainability, and safety, DC will become a model jurisdiction for safe streets, affordable public transportation, and environmental efficiency.

Protecting Our Environment

It is past time for our city to take a systemic approach to ensure environmental efficiency and sustainability. If we commit, DC will be a leader in renewable energy, environmental safety, and sustainable infrastructure. We will protect the health of our planet and our residents.

Preserving Our Arts and Culture

Many residents are worried that as our city becomes more and more wealthy, we are losing the culture that makes DC, DC. Most people that move here fall in love with our culture, but we need to make sure we support local artists to prevent our culture from falling by the wayside. We can provide the investments and support to our arts community and see a DC culture that is not only surviving, but thriving.

Establishing Vibrant Small Businesses

As our city grows, we need to ensure our small business community grows as well. When we eliminate red tape and support minority and women-owned businesses, our small business sector will diversify and thrive, and many more Washingtonians will fulfill their dream of entrepreneurship.