Creating a Local Government You Can Trust

We need to restore trust and confidence in our government. Right now, DC government works one way for the rich and well-connected and another way for the rest of us. We have become accustomed to celebrating the bare minimum from government agencies and have resigned ourselves to watching politics eclipse governing.

I have been a fierce check on government accountability and have pushed hard for better performance and more responsible spending of taxpayers’ money. I have been vocal when agencies mismanage public money or assets. I make it a priority to show up and tour agencies to get a first-hand look at how our government operates and how it can do better.

We need to give people a reason to believe in their government. That begins with creating an accountable, transparent, and people-driven government culture. As the chief executive, I will:

  • Hold senior leadership to a higher standard and demand accountability
  • Recruit the best and brightest who are qualified, experienced, and committed to public service to serve as agency heads
  • Build internal ethics guardrails into the infrastructure of government
  • Work with the DC Council in a more transparent and collaborative way
  • Ensure that more government contracts go to local businesses in order to keep tax dollars in our community
  • Establish clear goals to allow the public to hold the government accountable