Delivering Housing We Can Afford

Like too many other Washingtonians, most of my family has been priced out of DC. With rents climbing and affordable housing far too limited, both DC natives and newcomers are struggling to find places to live. Families especially are having a hard time finding homes where they can grow. 

On the Council, I have been fighting for more housing for residents with limited incomes and finding innovative solutions to respond to our housing crisis. As a city and regional leader, I have pushed to transfer unused government properties to organizations that can develop affordable housing and worked with officials from Maryland and Virginia to commit the region to build more workforce and low-rent housing units over the next ten years. In addition to expanding access to affordable housing, I have introduced and funded measures to protect tenants from poor housing conditions.

We need to do more to prioritize people over developers and ensure that DC is open to all who want to live here. My guiding priorities will be to: 

  • Explore areas that have the potential for increased density to create additional affordable housing and support small businesses
  • Continue to take a creative approach to turning vacant downtown office buildings into affordable housing units
  • Work with developers to build more family-sized units  
  • Pursue innovative approaches such as co-housing, use of public land, and purchasing or subsidizing new affordable units on private land
  • Protect existing affordable housing units and ensure city funds are spent efficiently on developing affordable housing
  • Create supports for small landlords while holding all landlords accountable and keeping tenants safe