Providing Safe & Accessible Transportation

We need a visionary plan for transportation in our city, not just reactive, piecemeal changes after a preventable loss of life. When we make dedicated investments in accessibility, sustainability, and safety, DC will become a model jurisdiction for safe streets, affordable public transportation, and environmental efficiency.

As Mayor my priorities will be:

Ensuring Pedestrian Safety

Building a Safe and Connected Network of Bike Lanes

  • Prioritize the construction of bike lanes and complete the protected, connected bike network, prioritizing low stress routes.
  • Defer to safety experts at DDOT on where and how protected bicycle lanes and intersections need to be placed. 
  • Hold DC agencies, utilities, and contractors accountable to laws requiring safe accommodations for pedestrians and cyclists due to construction.

Making Bus Service Reliable and Affordable

  • Expand bus lanes to speed up bus service
  • Focus on frequency of bus service to ensure that the bus is a reliable mode of transportation and that wait-times do not decrease ridership. 
  • Improve the accessibility and reliability of public transit east of the Anacostia river to ensure transit equity across the city
  • Ensure that newly purchased non-emergency DC government vehicles, school buses and other fleet vehicles are electric and that at least half of the Metrobus fleet operating in the District is electric by 2030.
  • Require that all DC-run public transportation improve how we accommodate people with disabilities, including raised bus platforms on the sidewalk for wheelchair accessibility.