Washington, DC – A recent poll conducted by Lake Research Partners released today finds that Robert White and Muriel Bowser are in a statistical tie for the DC mayoral Democratic nomination. This is the first poll to be released publicly since February. The poll (which has a margin of error of +/– 4.4%) shows Muriel Bowser with 41% of the vote and Robert White at 37%, with 15% of voters still undecided and 6% of voters supporting Trayon White. 

“The momentum in this campaign is with us because people see a campaign focused on them and solving their problems,” said Robert White, “On June 21, we are going to turn the page in DC to put pay-to-play politics behind us and focus the government on serving our residents, especially the residents who have been left behind and forgotten by this administration.” 

“The polling results show Robert White in a strong position to secure the Democratic nomination,” said Celinda Lake, Lake Research Partners President, “It is rare for incumbents to win re-election with “hard re-elect” ratings as low as Bowser’s at just 35%. The movement towards Robert in the past couple of months has been significant and the trajectory of this race is in his favor.” 

Full results of the poll can be found here.

Additional information on the poll from Lake Research Partners can be found here